Mystery Slots

Solve a whodunit story or unravel a secret code with these mystery slot games. Match the right clues and you can solve the mystery of your missing jackpot! The mystery slots stand out with their strong storytelling which leads to interesting bonus games. We had a great time playing these and we’re sure you will too! Pick any one of them and play for free.

Abra Cababra Slot

Abra Cababra

Spin a jackpot out of a hat in Abra Cadabra, a magician’s show slot game. Collect coins and multipliers to an enthralled audience!
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Crazy Jewelry Slot

Crazy Jewelry

A wealthy Italian jeweler has hired you to protect his riches and jewels. Bandits are on the hunt. Protect the treasure and win a jackpot!
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Lost Slot


Join Dr. Dakota Bones on an exhilarating slot adventure. Hunt relics and spin your way to the Mummy’s Tomb Bonus!
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True Illusions Slot

True Illusions

Do you believe in magic? You will after you play True Illusions! Winning symbols will magically explode before your very eyes.
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Mystery at the Mansion Slot

Mystery at the Mansion

Who killed the Colonel and what was the murder weapon? Solve the Mystery at the Mansion and you could win a deadly jackpot.
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Relic Raiders Slot

Relic Raiders

Find 4 relics for the Mystery Win. Relic Raiders is the perfect slot adventure if you enjoy spinning snakes and monkeys!
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Secret Code Slot

Secret Code

You’ve been hired to solve a centuries old conspiracy. Unlock the Secret Code Bonus Game and they’ll let you in on the jackpot.
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InCash Slot


Embark on a journey to the past with InCash, your Incan progressive jackpot slot game. The Incan Chief is wild!
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