Horror Slots

When’s the last time you won a scary looking jackpot? Horror slot games is a cool category and we had a great time researching it. These are the games you’re most likely to show your friends. You never know what is lurking behind the next spin. This is where you’ll find vampires, werewolves, devils and of course zombies. If Dracula gets you, you’ll end up with a bloody neck and a scary multiplier. They even brought Frankenstein back from the dead! Welcome to the world of horror slot games. You can play these for free right now.

Blood Suckers Slot

Blood Suckers

Watch the blood seep out of her neck as Dracula’s teeth sink into his victim. Stab coffins for extra winnings.
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Frankenstein Slot


Based on the Universal Studios movie, Frankenstein is a horror jackpot story. The monster’s lightning will frighten symbols into wilds!
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Zombies Slot


The dead return to life in Zombies. When these bloody corpses stack, all hell breaks loose on the reels. Spin for your life!
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Devils Delight Slot

Devils Delight

The Devil is wild in Devil’s Delight, a witty horror slot experience. Tempt your victims in the Sin Bonus Game!
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Haunted House Slot

Haunted House

It takes 3 crosses to stop Dracula from sucking the blood of his next victim. Enter the Haunted House and you may never leave.
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House of Fun Slot

House of Fun

Join Jane and Paul on their frightening journey into the House of Fun. Now you’re stuck! Which door leads out?!
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Ghost Pirates Slot

Ghost Pirates

Join the Spooky Ghost Pirates as they terrify sailors. There are 243 way to win as you spin for the frightening jackpot!
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Mythic Maiden Slot

Mythic Maiden

Win up to 600,000 coins as you hunt frightening relics with the Mythic Maiden. The Shining Scatter is worth up to 30 free spins!
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