Entertainment Slots

Entertain yourself with these fun, scene style slot games. There’s Mr. Vegas, the eternal bachelor who spends every evening charming the ladies of the casinos. Enrich yourself with the Tycoons and learn from Mr. Fox, who has a crush on a few Funky Chickens. These entertainment slots are packed with exploding symbols and interesting bonus games. You’re just one click away from jackpot entertainment!

Paco and the Popping Peppers Slot

Paco and the Popping Peppers

It’s time for a fiesta south of the border. Watch winning pepper symbols explode and new ones take their place!
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Dog Ca$her Slot

Dog Ca$her

You’re a rich puppy, looking to get out and see the world. But you’d better watch out for the Dog Ca$her and his cages!
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Funky Chicken Slot

Funky Chicken

Join the sly Mr. Fox for his night on the town. Impress the ladies with your sultry spins and expanding wilds!
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Top Trump Celebs Slot

Top Trump Celebs

Win a jackpot with Sean Connery, Johnny Depp and Nicholas Cage. You can even choose who appears on the symbols!
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Tycoons Slot


Live the life of a Tycoon! These billionaires know how to win a progressive jackpot and you’re invited to join them.
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Mr. Vegas Slot

Mr. Vegas

The neon lights are shining on Mr. Vegas as he struts through the town. Tonight he’s spinning for the Money Wheel Jackpot!
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The Glam Life Slot

The Glam Life

Drink pink champagne on ice and live life in the fast lane as you spin for a glamorous progressive jackpot in The Glam Life.
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Slots Angels Slot

Slots Angels

You were born to be a Slots Angel. Spin for the Biker Race Bonus Round and you may win a tough looking progressive jackpot!
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Rubik's Riches Slot

Rubik's Riches

Rubik’s Riches is an arcade version of the 80’s classic Rubik’s Cube. There are 3 ways to win on Rubik’s Riches. Match 18 rows for a 40,000 coin jackpot!
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