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The X-Factor Jackpot!

Join your favourite X-Factor finalists for a night of music and jackpots. Spin your way to the Live Show Bonus Round and take home the big prize! Collect “Yes Votes” for payouts and “Phone Votes” for the chance to win 1 of 3 massive progressive jackpots.

The X Factor Jackpot Slot

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The Sopranos Slot

The Sopranos

Join America’s other First Family, collect Bada Bing Bonuses and recover Tony’s cash envelopes.

Daring Dave & the Eye of Ra Slot

Daring Dave

Daring Dave needs your help on a 3 part bonus game as he recovers Egyptian treasures.

Thor the Mighty Avenger Slot

Thor the Mighty Avenger

Ice cold wild symbols stick to the reels as Thor fights Nordic beasts. Spin a Marvel-ous jackpot!

Ghost Rider Slot

Ghost Rider

Hop on Ghost Rider’s motorcycle and shoot fireballs at demons for Marvel-ous payouts.

Samba Brazil Slot

Samba Brazil

Shake your maracas and dance to the expanding wild. It's cash carnival in Samba Brazil!

Cowboys and Aliens Slot

Cowboys and Aliens

Zap aliens with your Colt Revolver and save Arizona from a UFO invasion.

Spin the Rubik’s Cube

Solve the Rubik’s Cube and win a 40,000 coin jackpot! Light up Rubik’s logo and peel colours to win more free spins.

Rubik's Riches Slot

Calling All Trekkies

Win a jackpot that nobody’s ever won before in Star Trek slots! “Beam me up Scotty, I’ve found the missing multiplier.”

Play Star Trek Slot at Betfred

The Wild Side

Pack your bags – you’re going on an African slot safari. Keep the wild tiger locked in his cage and your payouts will skyrocket!

Wild Gambler Slot

Wild Winnings

Spin yourself a gold jackpot at the Wild Games. Are you ready for the 100 meter dash bonus? On your mark, get set, win!

Play Wild Games Slot at Betfred

Freddy Krueger is Back!
He’s Slashing the Slots

You won’t turn off the lights after playing A Nightmare on Elm Street slots. Body parts will scatter when Freddy slashes your throat. Your payouts will be drenched in fresh blood. 888 will match your first coin purchase with up to £100! They promise to scare you out of your pants.

Play A Nightmare on Elm Street Slot at 888

Jackpots of the Avengers
4 Shared Jackpots!

Welcome to the world of Jackpot Sharing! Each Marvel Avenger game features 4 progressive jackpots. This allows the jackpots to reach levels that no single game could achieve. Whoever wins the Ultimate Power Jackpot is taking home collective winnings from over a dozen Marvel games!

Who You Gonna Call?

BetFred is so excited about the new Ghostbusters game that they’re giving away 40 iPad Mini’s to entice you to play! Strap on your Proton Pack and hit the streets of New York for an evening of ghost hunting. The Marshmallow Man is wreaking havoc in Times Square. Shoot him down while avoiding Ghost Slime and win a 250,000 coin jackpot!

Play Ghostbusters Slot at Betfred

Elektrify Yourself!
Who is the Hottest Elektra?

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the hottest Elektra of them all? For decades, the comic Elektra ruled the fantasy world with her sexy poses. In 2005, Jennifer Garner showed us how a modern woman deals with evil. Until now. The new Elektra rose from a Marvel game to capture the hearts and jackpots of millions of gamers.

Play Elektra Slot at
Jennifer Garner as Elektra

Jennifer Garner as Elektra

Comic Book Elektra

Comic Book Elektra

Babe With Blades

The only thing hotter than Elektra is her Ultimate Power Jackpot. Match exotic blades untouched by mortal men and help Elektra defeat Typhoid. Elektra is perfect for players new to Marvel games – you can spin for as little as .01 coins!

Max Damage and the Alien Attack Slot

Max Damage and the Alien Attack

What happens when you mix a space shooter with out-of-this-world payouts? You get Max Damage and the Alien Attack. Every spaceship that you shoot earns you cash prizes as well as Health Boosters and Shields. Make it to level 9 and defeat the alien boss for a 110,000 coin jackpot!